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Equustravaganza at Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History

artwork.jpg (36,826 bytes)The North Atlantic Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Organization (NAPPRPFO) was very well represented at the Equustravaganza held at the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History.

The Equustravaganza was a one day celebration of the horse scheduled as part of the month long special exhibit “The Horse” being held at the Museum. The Equustravaganza, open from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm Saturday March 21st , included exhibits by various horse associations and was attended by 4,000 to 5,000 people.

pasofino_display.jpg (45,161 bytes)The NAPPRPFO put on a classy exhibit which attracted instant attention with the near life size canvases of Paso Finos and the eye-catching banner. It included a beautiful central board with pictures of horses and a description of the breed, a TV showing videos of the horses doing their famous gait, English and Western saddles, mouse pads with beautiful photos of various Paso Finos, copies of Paso Fino magazines, Paso Fino coloring books, and handouts describing the organization and the history of the Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino.

There was also a poster advertising the upcoming “Meet the Breed” Open House at Frosty Acres Paso Fino Farm which generated a lot of interest when people found out they could see these spectacular horses in live demonstrations. Barbara Nichols, Elaine Francis, Nancy Hayweiser, Nicole Popp, and Gwen Thee were on hand all day to answer questions, explain the uses of the tack, and share their love of this special breed.

napprpfo_table.jpg (42,972 bytes)Although everyone went home exhausted, they also went home with the satisfaction of knowing that thousands of people were introduced to a wonderful breed.


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