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 Whites Oaks Bayamo

International Pleasure Champion Pure Puerto Rican Stallion

1998: Performance Reserve Champion Pure Puerto Rican Stallion 

International Pleasure and Performance Champion Pure Puerto Rican Stallion

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White Oaks Bayamo 

Bayamo is an outstanding example of a Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino stallion. His pedigree is impeccable, with the precious bloodlines of Kofresi, Volare, Guamani, Faeton LaCE, Principe, Batalla, and of course Dulce Sueno. He has a marked resemblance to Kofresi, both in conformation and in gait. He has the genetic gift for passing along his body type and gait to all of his offspring. Bayamo provides, along with his outstanding conformation and good looks, the in-born ability to perform a true 4-beat lateral Paso Fino gait in perfect rhythm and cadence and as defined by the breed standards for Paso Finos.

Read about Bayamo here as published in PasoRegistry "March 2002 Stallion of the Month"

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