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FRIO VIENTO   (Triunfo X Maria Luisa)
12/20/70     Now deceased 


FRIO VIENTO (Triunfo X Maria Luisa) 
12/20/70 Now deceased 

Frio Viento was owned, trained and shown by Mr. James Swank of el VIVA YO farm in Florida. Mr Swank stated that he never saw Frio move anyway other than the classic fino. It made no difference if he was loose in the pasture, or being ridden. He always moved in the classic fino. 

He retired UNDEFEATED in "Classic Fino" - including two (2) Grand National Championships. 

He was only 14 hands, but that was deceiving! 

He was a lot horse to ride --extremely spirited!

He has over 20 registered offspring through out the country.

He was tripled registered:
PFOBA #1061
APF #1274
PHA #8774 (Palomino Horse Assoc.)