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Tejano de Kofresi     1982 - 2000

Once upon a time in Puerto Rico, a mare foaled on a little sand bar that had been created by a flood.   Her owner had to wade out to retrieve the foal, and naming the colt after a local pirate, the legendary Kofresi  made his grand entrance.

One of his impressive sons, Tejano de Kofresi, was to leave his mark in the U.S..  As a four year old, he won Reserve National Champion, in both Fino Youth with Ramon Figueroa riding, and the Fino Schooling  class with Cese Figueroa.  Tejano had earned 480 points toward his T.O.P. when he stopped showing.  He was the last living son of Kofresi in the US.

‘I met Tejano one misty morning in Ohio, and as I watched him come off of the trailer, I just itched to ride him.    At home in New York, the next morning, he displayed his dominance and pride – “it was two big guys with muscles, ready to prove  the other wrong, but instead, we reached an understanding.”

I come from a culture that keeps a close spiritual bond with owning a horse….they were more than just pets, they were luxuries.  Wealthy people had the horses that were worthy of showing off.   And here I was, watching Tejano out in my pasture, all shiny and so full of pride.  I found myself even deeper in my culture.   Louie would walk him around and I would just marvel at the beauty and presence of this magnificent Puerto Rican stallion.

His bloodlines of Cupido and Kofresi  represented every bloodline in Puerto Rico.  He had to be great because he was born to it…..born to be a prince of Puerto Rico!’

(Armondo Ramirez)