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The North Atlantic Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Org. was formed in October of 1999. Many of us felt the need for an organized effort to preserve and promote the PPR horses in our area. We were not interested in any kind of registry endeavor – just a non-profit support group effort to be applied to this part of the country.

To protect, preserve and promote the Puerto Rican Paso Fino. 

Some of our members do not even own a Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino, but they care and they support our efforts. 

We meet a minimum of 4 times a year, sponsor clinics, open houses, participate in shows and the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, and parades when we can. In the future, we have hopes for an annual organized trail ride for charity, possibly another fun show, and anything else that is appropriate and will promote the versatility of our PPR Paso Finos.


Letter from the President:

In the late 1960's, mostly all of the horses that were imported came out of Puerto Rico. The supply of Pure Puerto Rican (PPR) horses ran short, because of high demand; the Colombians were more willing to deal with Americans than the Puerto Ricans. The American Paso Fino Club began mixing the two breeds in hope to make even a better horse. That theory has proved wrong. Even though the first generation may gait, the unique quality to produce gait every time was lost in later generations. They did suceed in creating yet another breed. It is the American Paso Fino. The Col. and the PPR are two different breeds. The PPR was and is breed for the 4 beat lateral. The Colombian may trot troche or gait, yet it is still very different from the Puerto Rican gait. The silky smooth gait of the PPR was not a priority for the Columbian breeders, as they were breeding for a different purpose. With the mixing of the two breeds both the Colombian and the Pure Puerto Ricans are in danger. Their numbers are small. It would be a loss to humanity to loose either of these breeds. There are only 300 PPR in the US today. Even Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico are breeding their stock to outside  breeds.  Money is sometimes an evil thing. The last count by Puerto Rican Govt. was 2,500 Pure Puerto Ricans worldwide. That number is diminishing as our  PPR mares and stallions die off. We ,who have PPR horses ,must breed PPR to PPR. I am the President of the North Atlantic Pure Puerto Rican Organization. We are doing much for the breed but more needs done.

Written by: Barbara B. Nichols, President NAPPRPFO

January 22, 1943 - October 29, 2011

In Memory of Barbara Nichols

White Oaks Bayamo


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