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Article by: Phyllis Gaudreau

Director of PFOBA 1980
President of PFOBA 1983 & 1985
Florida Delegate for 5 years
Accreditation by the PFOBA 1984 

Member of the Registration Advisory Committee of the PPRPFFA

Founder of the International Federation of Equine Appraisers

Classic Fino... State of the Art

By:  Phyllis Gaudreau  'Renowned Judge'

Who can deny in the age and time that our beloved Paso Fino Horse has evolved to an art form?

The rider motionless as the powerhouse beneath him is energizing a combined creation of speed, cadence, harmony in body and brilliance of execution. Poetry in motion- a symphony.

How true of the superlative description we hear so often in describing this magnificent gait "gliding on glass", as if stepping ever so gently on flowers. These are all true, colorful descriptions and no other can compare.

Throughout the world you will find many breeds of horses possessing this gait- the footfall we so aptly describe as the evenly spaced four beat gait with each foot contacting the ground independently in a regular sequence of precise intervals creating a rapid unbroken rhythm. The Class fino horse reflects this in it's grace, elegance, proud carriage and the "Here I am, look at me" attitude.

The Berberisco of Marruecos, the Boer Paard of South Africa, the Manga Largas and Campolino of South America possess the conformation to execute this unique gait, however, the Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino is one of the few breeds which has honed in on the ultimate perfection we observe in the show ring today.

To many of you who may be observing for the first time the Fino Horses of the America and Caribbean, we wish you to enjoy, as we do, the beauty and the excitement of these animals and hope the you also will agree. -Fino Fino- is truly an art form. The following will help you and instruct you as to what the judge is looking for and, as the first time observer will have some knowledge and be able to enjoy more fully.

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