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Article Written by: Robin


White Oaks Bayamo 


Posted By: Robin 
Posted on 3/6/2002 

I must admit that the very first time I saw a Paso Fino of any kind, I thought "Wow, that's a beautiful animal! But what a strange gait." I didn't know that there were different "types" of Pasos at that time. I attended the Equine Affair of 2001 in Columbus, Ohio. This was the first time that I had ever seen or heard of Puerto Rican Paso Finos and it is where I met a remarkable woman named Ms. Barb Nichols and her wonderful Bayamo! "Bay", as she loving calls him, has the most superior intellegence I have ever seen in a horse. The first thing I noticed was his spectacular conformation and outstanding color. Then I was "introduced" to his mannerisms. He is a gentle animal, always aware of his surroundings, and totally at ease in any situation. During the proformance that night I watched this horse at his finest. He entered the arena with such class and dignity; it was as if one was watching royalty. Bay, changed my mind about Paso Finos that night. His step was so graceful and smooth. I was amazed that his hooves came straight up and then went straight down. Not like anything I had ever seen or heard about on a Paso before. “Bay” emits such glamor and showmanship in his wonderful ability as a “performer”. The announcer didn’t say much or even know about this breed, so I returned to Ms. Nichols that following day to ask questions. This wonderful woman spent, what seemed to be all her spare time, sharing her knowledge and horse with me. She also invited me to Frosty Acres so that I could see more P.R. Pasos. I took her up on her offer and was even given the opportunity to ride “Bay”. What a babysitter!!!!!!! He seemed know to that I was inexperieced and took wonderful care of me. When I asked her when he would start “his step”, she smiled at me and told me “He’s been doing it for the past ten minutes.” I was amazed! What an animal! I also “met” a few of his offsprings. They have the same disposition and characterics as “Bay”. I have since moved to Southwestern Oklahoma, but have never forgotten this wonderful animal and his partner, Ms. Nichols.

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