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The Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Horse in in DANGER Of EXTINCTION due to excessive cross-breeding with other Paso breeds If things continue the way they are going, we may lose this unique breed with the soft, smooth isochronal gait and the super temperament.  

Please join us in our efforts to preserve this breed.  The Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino horse was developed over centuries into the ultimate riding horse- Sturdy, Intelligent, Agile, and of course Smooth. 

Let's not lose this breed to fads which favor show ring drama over riding performance.

25th year in 2003

Our trip to Guayamo, Puerto Rico, was far from uneventful! Between flight problems, and getting lost, it was very, very, eventful! But all of that aside, the Puerto Rican people were very welcoming and friendly. The show was great! And not at all what the American culture has changed the Paso Shows into. The bottom line is the gait, the conformation, the presence…not necessarily the faster the feet go, the better the fino. It was interesting and educational, to say the least! 

We were introduced over the PA system, given VIP passes which entitled us to sit in the VIP area and free access to their refreshment stand, by Jose Vivo. He and his wife, Catalina, were very gracious and willing to help us in anyway they could. We met a number of people, who were very happy about what we are trying to do up here, as far as promotion, preservation, and the breeding. A number of them have been watching our website and are very impressed.

We met the Hon. Hector L. Colon Mendoza and his wife Ruby. He is the president of the main registry in Puerto Rico. We also met Rafael y Ela Cuevas and Carlos Mirabal Pargas, among others. We renewed our friendship with the Hon. Phyllis Gaudreau, and Pedro and Melissa Burgos (they have returned to live in P.R. but used to work with Cathy Tack, for Gail and James Brown).

Time to see the country was limited, but the countryside, overall, was breathtaking. Everywhere you look, there are flowers on schrubs and trees, as well as flower gardens. We spent a brief time at San Cristobal fort – to explore all of it would take a couple of days! We took many pictures and hope to share them soon.

Barbara Nichols, her daughter, Lynn Fink, and Gay Campbell were there for 3 days; Mandy Orvosh made the trip but, shorter in duration. 

Sit back and Watch "Our Puerto Rican Pictures".....

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