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By purchasing the below items you not only receive RARE and Unique Paso Items, but your purchase enables us to further help the PPR!


Gay Cambell
(814) 755-3768

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 Definitely one of a kind.

All of our blankets:
All are machine stitched and top stitched, completely machine wash (cold), and dry on a cool cycle or on the line. 
Everything has already been washed and dried, prior to assembly

Blanket   One                   

50" X 50" Lap throw quilt
Wash and dry - cool temps.
Mounted on Vellux
$75.00 plus shipping Plus Postage


Blanket   Two             


" THE FOUR SEASONS".    This is a king size blanket....102" X 90".  It is all top stitched and mounted on an acrylic blanket, so it is machine wash and dry (both cool).
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$185.00 Plus Postage

Blanket   Three         

King Size Quilt

Mounted on Vellux for durability and warmth. This one is double stitched and meant to be used. Wash and dry - cool temps.

$200.00 Plus Postage

All prices are Firm! 


No two alike!

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Tionesta, Pa. 16353

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Gay Cambell
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